What is SugarCane Publishing?


“To be the vanguard of publishing a new generation of quality multicultural, multiracial, multi-sexual and non-normative books, characters, stories, artists and authors who provide diverse viewpoints of the world through fiction, non-fiction and poetry.”


SugarCane Publishing is one of the few minority-owned publishing houses in the country with a mission to represent contemporary books and authors that reflect the multicultural, multiracial, multi-sexual and the non-normative makeup of the world today.

As a hybrid independent publisher, SugarCane Publishing aims to not only put out great quality books as a traditional publisher but also provide authors an opportunity for a partnership and give them a voice for input into the production, distribution and marketing process.

Founders of SugarCane Media, Kristina & Aaron Liburd, opened this publishing company to control the quality of their own books and to provide their books a chance to find their audience. Knowing others like them were in the minority of the publishing industry, SugarCane Publishing is the embodiment of their freedom to pursue their mission of increasing the number of diverse books featuring multicultural and multiracial authors and books.

What's a Hybrid Publisher?


What's the difference between a traditional publisher and a hybrid?

As a hybrid publisher, our core editorial group (CEG) looks at every manuscript sent to them, with or without the aid of an agent, experienced author or brand new.

That means that while we look at every submission with a view on how to create some business relationship - whether comes in the form of a traditional mainstream publishing deal or a partnership agreement instead, where the author may be asked to cover part of the cost of publishing the book.

It is only when our CEG has reviewed the complete submission thoroughly that we will be able to decide which avenue would be most suitable for that book. We always want to be sure that we can set up a basis for a long-lasting relationship where we and the author are both satisfied (we are in this together!).

Regardless of whether we offer a mainstream or a partnership deal, all of our authors are considered the same - a SugarCane Publishing author.