So you guys only take minority authors?

We'd like to think we're a bit more inclusive than just minority authors. We really want to focus and highlight those authors, characters, artists, illustrators, etc. who may not be considered "typical" in the media. That could be people of color, the LBGTQ community, different places of origin, heck even those individuals that who may not be from this planet (Time Lords encouraged).

Bottom line, if you feel that you have a voice that doesn't always have a chance to be heard, we want to hear from you.

How much will I be involved in the process?

Every step of the way.

Every milestone cannot happen without your input. We hope to execute your book within the vision you have for your book and execute a marketing plan that can maximize you and your book's capabilities.

Speaking of marketing, you are the brand. Your book doesn't sell unless people can get a sense of who you are and what you are capable of. Every marketing plan that we create will have you at the center and will be customized to our (yours and ours) vision for your brand and our know-how.

Communicate, communicate and communicate: the keys to a fruitful business relationship.

If I am offered a partnership deal, how much is this going to cost me?

That depends (and the groans commence).

The reason why we can't give a definitive number because not all books are created equal. You may submit a 90,000 word book that has great potential but needs a developmental edit that could cost $2,000. Or you may submit a 75,000 word book that is polished and only needs a quick copywriting job at $400. We only want to provide costs to you that you actually need. And our team of experts (both in-house and contractors) are giving us the best services for the best prices we can negotiate.

It also depends on your vision for your book & brand. Your goal for your brand might be to sell books quietly while someone else wants to be more of a personality and to be at the forefront of interviews, appearances, red carpets and step and repeats.

In one word: CUSTOMIZATION. You are not simply a package. You are a person and deserve to be treated as such!


BTW, we don't make money from polishing and building you and your brand up. We want to sell books! So as partners, you will always have a understanding of where the money is going and the reasoning behind it. Like we said above, you are at the center so nothing gets signed off without your knowing.